New! Sunflower Reaper
“ECO-AGRO” Series

Firstly, it will save significantly on the initial investment.
Secondly, inexpensive machinery can be no less qualitative and functional than its more expensive analogues. Also, our inexpensive agricultural equipment can help expand production capabilities,
because you can buy more pieces of equipment for less money.

All in all, the purchase of low-cost farm equipment from the ECO-AGRO line
from Hoffmann Industries®
can effectively increase your farm or personal income, making it more competitive and profitable.
The price is affordable for every farmer or agribusiness, and which is not inferior in quality and performance to more expensive counterparts, due to the equipment with mechanical adjustments, optional equipment and the availability of dealer service.

"ECO-AGRO" is an excellent choice for those looking for inexpensive farm machinery that will help optimize production processes and increase profits.

The range includes working widths from 5 to 12 metres for solid cutterbars without rows, and 6 to 12 channels for row-type cutterbars.
Type: rowless
Working speed (productivity):
Up to 12 km/h
Cutterbar working width: 5 to 12 m
Number of double cutterbar strokes:
1,140 strokes per minute
Stem axle spacing: 228 mm
Elevator width: 176 mm
Spiral diameter of the auger: 520 mm
Seed loss by the auger*,
no more than 0,5 %
Productivity, not less than 3/3,5/4 ha/h

Technical characteristics of the ECO-AGRO Series continuous cut sunflower cutterbar

Фото жатки Hoffmann Eco-Agro

The low cost of agricultural equipment can be very profitable for the farmer
or agribusiness

Hoffmann Industries® rapeseed table aggregation / compatibility is possible with such combine harvesters as CLAAS, JOHN DEERE, CASE, NEW HOLLAND, AGCO, FIATAGRI LAVERDA, ROSTSELMASH, GOMSELMASH
*The manufacturer reserves the right to make design changes to the Product without prior notice to market participants.

seed feed

To get a smooth sunflower seed harvesting process and minimize seed loss during harvesting, we have created an efficient and reliable system for transporting sunflower stems
to the cutting systems and ensure a consistent seed feed downstream to prevent any losses.
Type: row
Working speed (productivity):
5 to 10 km/h
Cutterbar working width: rows (6/8/12 channels)
Width of cultivated row spacing:
70 mm (universal)
Cutterbar drive: Cardan through bevel gears (Russia)
Seed loss, max: 0,5 %.
Width of cultivated row-spacing:
70 - 76 cm

Design of row separators and side separators

plays a decisive role in reducing seed loss by lifting strongly lowered stems and side stems with baskets and delivering them to the stem conveyor.
All in all, you get easy and convenient steps to set up and optimize the harvesting process and minimize any potential losses.

The reliable and functional row and row-less cutterbars from HOFFMANN INDUSTRIES®

Technical characteristics of the ECO-AGRO Series row cutterbar for sunflowers

ЖАТКА “ECO-AGRO” для уборки подсолнечника
Демонстрация равномерной подачи семян на жатке Eco-Agro
Демонстрация конструкции разделителей на жатке Eco-Agro
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