ЖАТКА для уборки подсолнечника 7-Series “CHALLENGER”

Sunflower Reaper

Reaper Sunflower “CHALLENGER”
Working speed / capacity:
Up to 15 km/h ; up to 14 ha/h
Cutting system: + Schumacher (Germany). Benefits of EasyCut II system and Pro-Drive planetary gearbox, easy maintenance, reliability, high speed, straight blade travel.
Limiters: Lateral parts of the cutterbar have a special thin congruent shape with a sloping prism. Prevention of shaking, damage, better crop intake, reduction of losses.
Dividers: Wear-resistant adjustable dividers (30.5-34 cm) with SavingsTray tines. Gentle crop feed at high speeds (over 10 km/h) is achieved.
Drive system: 500 mm diameter auger. Consistent crop feed.
Жатка для подсолнечника “CHALLENGER” в работе
All components and systems of the new CHALLENGER, hidden under the glossy exterior, have been designed to ensure maximum uptime and productivity.
Experience the future of row crop harvesting.
If you want maximum
performance, you need the new
CHALLENGER cutterbars
The new line of CHALLENGER rowless sunflower harvesting machines delivers the quality and reliability you expect from HOFFMANN INDUSTRIES, as well as the most advanced technology and modern, comfortable operation you need to optimize your harvesting process.
The Pro-Drive and EasyCut II knife elements from Schumacher cut cleanly and at high speed.

This high-speed technology, combined with two unique systems:
Stage-Line channel width adjustment and SavingsTray wear divider width, provide a more powerful, improved feeding of all sunflower varieties.
All of these improvements give the CHALLENGER the ability to always mow cleanly and evenly
Новая конфигурация регулировки скорости дигрессивного мотовила на жатке
High-speed adjustable mowing system from Hoffmann Industries®
Close connection between the reel
and the cutter bar
Mowing system
No time wasted on unnecessary fuss
Система модернизации жатки "Challenger"
The CHALLENGER has a new configuration for adjusting the speed of the degressive reel as well as the distance between the reel and the distance between the reel and the cutter bar. This guarantees a smooth, uniform feeding of the crop into the combine harvester.
Easy harvesting
From the easy-to-install optional LightweightPlasticKit, which provides the cutterbar with innovative mobility and an industry record low curb weight, to full integration with the combine, the CHALLENGER is always ready to get your job done.dustry record low curb weight, the CHALLENGER is all-in-one,
To full integration with the combine, always ready to get your job done
We all know that when you're harvesting, you can't wait. With the CHALLENGER, you won't waste time with unnecessary fuss.
The 7-Series cutterbars are easy to set up, manage and upgrade.
Демонстрация системы скашивания жатки для подсолнечника "Challenger" Hoffmann ind.
High-speed adjustable mowing system from HOFFMANN INDUSTRIES®
Get ready for more
Hoffmann Industries® rapeseed table aggregation / compatibility is possible with such combine harvesters as CLAAS, JOHN DEERE, CASE, NEW HOLLAND, AGCO, FIATAGRI LAVERDA, ROSTSELMASH, GOMSELMASH
Рама PowerForce Pro
Оптимальная производительность сбора урожая
Maximize the performance of your combine harvester with the all-new PowerForce PRO frame, which makes the CHALLENGER reliability, ruggedness and structural strength, And the large adjustable range of the splitter system the CHALLENGER gives you versatility and flexibility of operation.
Right in your
Direct management is necessary for those who want to work as efficiently as possible. This applies equally to large agricultural holdings and small fields of private farmers.
The main purpose of feeder control is to increase the agronomic value of every centimeter of the field
The CHALLENGER cutterbars have one goal - to guarantee a guaranteed harvest with the least losses, without foreign materials,
with minimum fuel consumption, no damage to the field and no unnecessary downtime.
We call it "Optimum Harvest Performance," and its goal is to give you more and better results for every minute you harvest.

Customers using the new HOFFMANN INDUSTRIES solid sunflower technology often see their field production level off in ROI due to reduced losses and costs in harvest areas, while at the same time increasing inputs in other areas
*The manufacturer reserves the right to make design changes to the Product without prior notice to market participants.
Рама PowerForce Pro вид снизу
Встроенная функция подключения системы регулировки подачи жатки “CHALLENGER”
A new generation of harvesting equipment
for a new generation of agriculture
For the first time, there is a built-in function for connecting the CHALLENGER cutterbar feed adjustment system directly to the ergonomic controls in the cab of the combine harvester.
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