Корнажный адаптер, который используется на жатке Starlight
Демонстрация технологии тройного среза на жатке Starlight
Демонстрация технологии постоянного контакта на жатке Starlight
Демонстрация двигателя на жатке Starlight
Боковые шнекели на жатке Starlight
Автокопирование рельефа на жатке Starlight
Оборудование для уборки подсолнечника на жатке Starlight
Демонстрация внутренних особенностей двигателя на жатке Starlight
ЖАТКА “STARLIGHT” для кукурузы S-Series
Автоматическое ведение по рядкам на жатке Starlight

Corn Reaper
“STARLIGHT” S - Series

The STARLIGHT range is the ideal solution for efficient and independent
efficient, independent corn harvesting.
The cutterbars impress with their increased performance at high speeds
with minimum crop loss
Corn Header Harvesting “STARLIGHT”
Bottom chopper
with 3 knives that overlap
rollers over the entire length
Triple cut
Experience the future of row crop harvesting.
Working speed / capacity: up to 13 km/h
Working width: 5 to 12 rows
Professional drive
Available for all common combine harvester models
Rollers with 4 knives
don't just pull the stem through,
but also shreds it.
Universal feeder adaptor -
allows you to move any corn header
"STARLIGHT" from Hoffmann Industries®
from any combine harvester to any
combine harvester in minutes.

This adapter converts a conventional
corn header into a 2-in-1 machine:
you can harvest corn for both grain and forage.
Technopolymer dividers and covers
- Light weight, no sticking
Permanent contact
Modular spacer
for sunflower harvesting
Automatic row
Side augers
*The manufacturer reserves the right to make design changes to the Product without prior notice to market participants.
Hoffmann Industries® rapeseed table aggregation / compatibility is possible with such combine harvesters as CLAAS, JOHN DEERE, CASE, NEW HOLLAND, AGCO, FIATAGRI LAVERDA, ROSTSELMASH, GOMSELMASH
Most portable in the class
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